Chaos in Faerie is Live!


Sophie Morrigan never meant to make history. If she’d known the price she’d pay, she would have done a better job avoiding it. 

Normal isn’t something Sophie gets to experience anymore. She’s come to accept that. Her new normal is enjoying a few days without a crisis.

When Erik Bresnan returns with a vengeance, it’s par for the course–until he kills one of her friends.

As much as she wants to keep her loved ones safe, she knows she’ll need their help to finally bring an end to her nemesis. Unfortunately, Bresnan has his sights set on a bigger target this time. One that will change the world of Faerie forever.

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A Look Behind the Scenes: When we were first plotting out the Stolen Magic series, we had considered starting the series shortly after the events that take place in this book. We consider Chaos in Faerie to be the end of season one.

Chaos was a ton of fun to write. We hope it’s as much fun for you to read.

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