Lacuna Valley by Faith McKay

PROPHECY GIRL (Lacuna Valley, #1)

Destiny: it doesn't really matter if your mother kills you first.

Samantha's highest aspiration is to survive her family until she reaches the age of freedom: eighteen. Destiny? Love? Concepts that are as foreign to her as a sound night's sleep. With a younger sister who believes she has the power to make things happen by "praying" for them, a mother who goes from fine to monster without warning, a father that ignores it all, and another new school to adjust to, Sam doesn't have time to consider what she wants from her life. But if she thought she had problems before, she's definitely not ready for Nick, or all the questions he raises about her life.

Are her dreams really predicting the future? Are her sister's powers real? What's her mother up to? She can't really have a destiny, can she? Can love be real, if some prophecy tells you it is? What's a seasonal? How many questions can you ask a werewolf before it bites you?

Sam has survived this long by never standing up for herself, but when eyes turn toward her little sister, it's time to put up or shut up.

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LIBERTY BOUND (Lacuna Valley, #2)

All Sam ever wanted was to be free of her mother. With a happy home and Nick at her side, life should be great. But life has never been that simple. With the werewolves angry, the deal with the seasonals broken, and her mother on the run with the orb, Sam is more lost than ever. This would be a great time to make use of her prophetic dreams, if she could only figure out how to navigate them. While Sam seems powerless, her little sister is not, and everyone wants to take advantage of her wish-granting abilities. It's all Sam can do to keep them at bay. At nine years old with powers that could save—or end—the world and a mother who left her for dead, Violet's had more than her share of awful. Sam's not about to let anything else happen to her sister. But Violet is starting to realize that with all her power, maybe she doesn't need Sam's help at all.
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Alzina has never left the valley—until now. It's not much of a vacation hunting for an evil thief with your uncle, but a werewolf has to take what she can get. Staring Contests is a short story of 9,000 words. It takes place during the first several chapters of Liberty Bound (Lacuna Valley, #2) and should be read after Prophecy Girl (Lacuna Valley, #1).
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